Legislative UPdate Jan. 2019

SB610 (see attached) - This bill creates a forestry commission (with no professional forester on it except an appointee of the DoF) which will determine the 100 year management plan, among other analyses, for the Indiana's State Forests. The members of the commission would provide significant oversight to the management of Indiana's state forests.

HB 1376 Dedicated Conservation Funding –(fact sheet attached) This was created and supported by IN Conservation Alliance, of which ISAF is a member. This bill would move the sales tax already being collected for outdoor recreation items to the DNR instead of the general fund, this amount averages $60 million per year. Funds would go to 1) backlog of DNR capital repairs and rehab, 2) B Harrison Conservation Trust for new land purchases, 3) State Wildlife action plan. You’ll note no direct funding to DoF , except indirectly through points #1 & #2. Referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources.