Indiana SAF Fellows

Indiana SAF fellows have met the following criteria:

  1. A strong commitment through direct SAF volunteer activities, and
  2. Exemplary action, sustained leadership, and advancement of the forestry profession in at least one of the following areas:
    1. application of forestry
    2. education
    3. public policy
    4. research, or
    5. technology transfer

These criteria would typically be demonstrated by a significant number of years of sustained commitment to SAF voluntary activities, performed at two or more of the following SAF organizational levels: state; regional (multi-state or voting district); or national. The criteria are sustained over many years in advancing the forestry profession at two or more of these levels though exceptions are made for unusually notable contributions to SAF or to the forestry profession over a shorter time frame.

In Indiana, the following individuals have been honored by being selected as SAF Fellows:

1986 - Mr. William L. Fix
1986 - Mr. Robert D. Burke CF
1987 - Dr. John W. Moser Jr.
1991 - Dr. William R. Byrnes
1998 - Dr. Burnell C. Fischer SF, CF
2000 - Mr. Larry R. Frye
2003 - Mr. John R. Seifert CF
2005 - Dr. William L. Hoover
2006 - Ms. Janet Ann Eger
2008 - Mr. Bruce E. Wakeland CF
2009 - Mr. Dale R. Weigel CF, Ronald G Abraham
2012 - Ronald A Rathfon