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35th Annual Central States Forest Soils Workshop, October 13-15, 2015

This year's workshop will be held in Martinsville. Download the flyer here (pdf). For additional information, contact Gary Struben (), USDA-NRCS.

Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association Specialized Industry Training

Visit the IHLA website for the fall training courses. Download a synopsis here (pdf).

Marketing Hardwood Veneer Logs and Trees: October 22, 2015

The highest valued use of our hardwood resource is for fine face veneers and excellent markets have always existed for "perfect" trees and logs. However, marketing of "somewhat less than perfect" trees and logs can present a challenge. The practicing forester may not be exactly sure what a particular veneer buyer can accept and why log or tree value can vary widely and change weekly. Furthermore, the markets for the veneer itself change. To facilitate a better understanding of veneer quality logs and trees as well as bucking practices, we will host professional foresters, consultants and landowners for a one-day program. This is your unique opportunity to listen, observe, and discuss the many aspects of the resource - logs and trees - which sustains this fascinating wood industry. Download the brochure and registration information here (pdf).

Forest Pesticide Training Program 2015

Save the date! The Forest Pesticide Training Program will be held on Friday, December 4 at the Ricks Centre Theater in Greenfield IN. More information coming soon.

Indiana Forester Newsletter

The Spring 2015 edition of Indiana Forester is now available for downloading (pdf file). If you would like a copy of a past issue, you can find pdf versions here.

Information Regarding Senate Bill 548

The Indiana Forest Alliance has tried for many years to restrict active forest management on state forests. It has come to ISAF's attention that they are currently petitioning the Indiana legislature to set aside 24% (in specific tracts) of Indiana's state forests as wilderness-like areas to honor "Indiana's heritage".

The bill that has been filed, Senate Bill 548, and is available here. The bill's author is Sen. Mark Stoops.

The ISAF Executive Committee is in the process of considering sending a letter to the Senate Natural Resources Committee which will consider hearing the bill. As citizens and professionals, I encourage you to contact your state senator and let your views be known on SB 548.

You may also contact Sen. Sue Glick, chair of the Senate Natural Resources Committee and express your views. Her office can be reached at 317.232.9493 to leave a message courteously expressing your view. Bill Minter, ISAF Policy Chair

foresters Marketing Forestry with Trees of Indiana Bandanas and other Materials

Marketing forestry is something every ISAF member should embrace. To meet this goal, Indiana SAF has developed several tools. We have a brochure on careers in forestry which are available to members who might be asked to speak to highschool classes or other groups. We have also developed two displays. One displays caters to careers in forestry. The other display is a tailgate size model for landowners and speaks to why they would want to hire a professional forester. This display has an accompanying brochure.

banadanaThe Trees of Indiana is the latest marketing effort of the Indiana SAF. The cost of these bandanas is $3.25 each. They are an excellent gift and many members have found they make a memorable "business card" to give to landowners when they make a contact. Please note that the website on all of these materials is now incorrect and you may want to point this out to people - since our website has changed from www.indianasaf.org to www.indianasaf.net. If you are interested in any of these items, please contact Lee Huss ().

Indiana SAF Fellows

Indiana SAF Fellows have a strong commitment through direct SAF volunteer activities as well as through exemplary action, sustained leadership, and advancement of the forestry profession in the application of forestry, education, public policy, research, and/or technology transfer. See previous Indiana SAF Fellows here.

Land Use Statistics of Interest

According to the Indiana DNR, 19% of the state is in forest. This is the third largest land use. Number one is corn and number two is soybeans at about equal proportions. Together they make up about 50% of the state's area. That leaves about 20% for urban, suburban and industrial uses. Trees are important to Indiana.

Sustainable Forestry Publication Series Available

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and Department of Forestry and Natural Resources has just released a new series of extension publications titled "A Landowners Guide to Sustainable Forestry in Indiana". The eight titles in the series cover a variety of topics interesting to forest landowners and their forest managers. The publications can be viewed online here. For ordering information, call 888.398.4636 or write Communications Media Distribution Center, 1187 Service Building, West Lafayette, IN, 47907-1187.

Directory of Professional Foresters

The Directory of Professional Foresters compiled by the Indiana Forest and Woodland Owners Association is available. Large orders can be sent to Dan Ernst () at the DNR Division of Forestry, 317.232.4105 or from Wendell Leedy (), at 317.881.1632. Single copies are available at local Soil and Water Offices or Division of Forestry offices.